5 Morning Hacks For A Happier Mama

Did anyone ever tell you how tired you would be when you became a parent? That no matter how much you want to sleep ; how fleeting and aloof rest and relaxation would be? I definitely found that out through experience. Definitely not the manual that comes with the baby when they are born because I searched and there isn’t one Trust me! . This post contains an affiliate link. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

When my son was an infant on up until he was about 6 months, I was trying to fit every ounce of sleep I ever missed in life before his next feeding. Everyone tells you to sleep while the baby sleeps.That soon turned into sleep until the baby wakes up for me, When they are first born it’s about every 2 hours that they are waking up to feed. my son was every hour on the hour. I had no routine. Every time he would wake in the middle of the night or whatever time it would be, I would feel like I was coming fresh off 30 minutes of sleep. I was doing the typical first time mom thing; staying up late watching him breathe. Sleeping with one eye open. listening for sounds. Losing sleep was the ultimate confirmation that my baby was alright. Needless to say I am not a happy camper when I’m tired. I’m grumpy and my attitude is on 1000. But that’s mom life worry and sleepless nights.

I’d stay in my pajamas all day hair all over the place, because let’s face it my days were getting away from me pretty quickly with no plan in place. One night I stayed up late again : pinnin, instagrammin and watching my son breathe. you know the usual. before I knew it, it was 3am. I crawled into bed and it seemed like the sun was turned on with a light switch. I was awakened almost immediately!

It’s 7:30am already and my son is still asleep. I think hmm.. I could close my eyes a little longer. But instead I get up take a shower, get dressed in something other than my usual sweat pants and holified tank top, Wash my face, style my hair. Instantly I feel the vibe change .

I bring my laptop downstairs and some of my son’s favorite toys , make myself some coffee and start setting up his play area for the day. Girrl I’m winning today!! an hour goes by and my son is waking up. I get him together and bring him on down to our new groove!!! BOOM!! Morning groove initiated!. 3 months ago I implemented this plan by accident and since that day, It’s been my ritual every morning. It feels so great to be in control of the day especially with my busy little ones.. i realized that i have to get up and Carpe Diem or the day will seize me ! This is my tried and true list of 5 morning hacks for better mornings. They are so easy and simple you wont even notice you are doing them after a while.

1.Get Up Early

Rise at least 1-3 hours earlier than your mini- me normally does. children are unpredictable so it may not always be possible to get up before they do. But when i’ve had some really good rest.. Whats that right? I normally try to wake up 2-3 hours before my babe does. Its important for me to get my mama me time in without feeling overwhelmed. i don’t like to rush or be rushed. but hey I am a mom now and that’s just the nature of the beast sometimes. You have those days when you are going non stop with your little one, so you don’t always know when you’ll get time to yourself. If you can get it first thing in the morning it will set the tone for your day. which is always A good thing mama. self care is a priority for a happier mama. Once your mini me wakes up you can tackle the day together!!

2.Eat Breakfast

Some days i’m just so tired i don’t know how i’ll survive.  some of us drink coffee, some of us drink tea, shakes or smoothies. I happen to drink a cup of coffee in the morning in My favorite Cup I love positive quotes especially in the morning it’s like a mini pep talk to start my day, I repeat the quote throughout the day to add some go getter in my system. I’m also trying to start eating breakfast again regularly. But when your toddler is on the go constantly, you barely have time to stop and grab a bite to eat for yourself. it’s so important to get the fuel we need to care for our little ones! You can prepare your tot’s breakfast while your’e making yours, or wait until they wake and prepare it together. Quick breakfasts like a bowl of fruit , oatmeal, a green smoothie the possibilities are endless. You want to make sure you eat foods that give you energy; so you can keep up with your little one. I really wasn’t big on breakfast until I was pregnant. But I had to start it back up once my energy level wasn’t where It needed to be. nourishment helps you feel prepared to start your day and whatever may come your way!

3.Plan Ahead

When I became a SAHM I found that I became lazy. I was tired and just not feeling like doing anything. I just wasn’t motivated. I had to snap out of it though. As fast as my little one was moving and growing I didn’t have time to fly by the seat of my tights. Organization and routine is what got me through. I’ve found that once you have a routine It gets your toddler used to a schedule so they know what to expect. Organize your toddler’s play area the night before or in the morning. You want to be as prepared as possible for them ahead of time. Every morning before my son wakes up I get his area together! I love giving him something to look forward to seeing the smile on his face when he sees all the toys he gets to peruse and  play with for the day, It’s priceless!

4.Make Up Your Bed

Ok so if your tot sleeps in bed with you like mine does sometimes you’ll have to wait for them to wake up before this can actually happen. Making your bed for some reason gives you a feeling accomplishment. It’s like hey thats one thing off my list on to the next! Not to mention it makes the room look better. Making your bed is the start of making things Happen! and You can do ANYTHING Mama. Now if I could just finish cleaning the rest of the house …. Well thats a totally different post on a different day!! ” I have to tell myself- baby steps girl”

5. Be Grateful

I always wanted to be a mom but I was always saying to myself i’ll just continue working in my corporate career and make more money before I have a baby or maybe its too late for me to have a baby or all the other thousands of excuses we tell ourselves . But after the birth of my son I couldn’t bare being away from him. The thought of leaving him all day in day care while I went to work totally depressed me. My body Just spent 8 1/2 months doing the hard work and then I still have to go back to work after? I couldn’t do it. I was already burnt out from the intensity of the position i had and i just knew i wasn’t ready to go back. Everybody has different paths and we all make different choices.  As a parent you do what do have to do to make a way for your kids. I decided to finally use the gifts god gave me and it makes so much sense now. He put us here on earth with everything we need to succeed and through him we can create the lives we dream of. So you see I had to stepped out in faith because I know the lord would bless me to stay at home with my son . I am so grateful for this opportunity. Yes I like money , Yes it does seem crazy to not have a job to support my kid. but when I quit my career I had to fully commit to this SAHM lifestyle. I had to figure out how to use my gifts to provide for my son once the savings were gone. I still think to myself sometimes what am i doing? It’s a lot of fun to be a SAHM and its a lot of crazy too. At the end of the day neither you nor I would trade it for the world. My child is my motivation to keep going. You have to Believe Everything will workout for you Mama, go after what you want Stay Positive and be grateful. being grateful and thankful makes more of that feeling occur and it creates more things in your life to be grateful for. You just have to look for the silver lining… It always there!

Happy Momming!