Toys For Boys

Its so crazy how fast your child evolves. One day they a newborn then a laid back infant, the next they are running around the house leaving a trail of graham cracker crumbs behind them. In motherhood those stages can seem like they were 10 minutes ago, they grow so fast you can’t blink your eyes or you’ll miss something. I understand now why sleep no longer exists. As my son is coming into his own, he has his favorite blankets, foods, stuffed animals and every little one has their go to toys. If your little man is anything like mine, his favorite toys are always in close proximity. I wanted to share my list of all of my son’s favorite toys that he’s currently playing with. Many of these toys I chose for their educational value. Every parents wants their child(ren) to always be learning. I added a few teether toys for your teething texture discovering little one to explore. We all know teething lasts for a while., So check em’ out Mama. As an amazon associate I earn from qualified purchases.

  1. This teether is an Endless Circly Maze Of Fun it’s a great toy to ease your baby’s teething pain.  The plastic circle tubes provide a satisfying teething experience. The red polka dot square has a rattle in it to calm any cries. It’s Bpa- free and hand -washable so you don’t have to boil it! 

3.My son has two new teeth that have come in on the left and right sides of his mouth now. Every time he gets new teeth, i feel like we are experiencing teething for the first time again, because he is not happy. i found this cute little teether toy in target.  it caught my eye because of the bright color. i love the variety of textures, knooks and crannies it has for him to chew on. the teether has a wide body with little circles in the middle. The front side of the body is smooth and the back of it has little textured pieces to soothe those itchy irritated gums. 

4. This is my son’s favorite toy! It’s such a wonderful toy! It Lights Up And plays Songs About The Powers Of A Dump Truck In A Cute Little Melody. The songs are sure To Get Stuck In Your Head. It Comes With 3 Colorful Rocks For Your Baby To Dispense Through The Little Dump Chute. There’s Also a Yellow String Attached To The Front Of It, So It Can Go Wherever Your Baby Boy Goes. The Lever To Dump Has To Be The Cutest Part Its Very Realistic And Easy To Operate For Exploring Hands.

5. if you’re looking for a toy that your baby can grip pull & grab this is it ! It has multicolored loops to build their hand eye coordination. Each loop has 5 little textured strips across to reach those sore gums.  The black &white circle in the middle is a rattle that is sure to bring a calming ease to your baby. You can never have too many teething toys. They are all same but different in their own way.

6. My son received this toy as another 1st birthday gift . I was excited to get this baby laptop for my son in hopes that he would leave my laptop alone, Unfortunately I am still working on that part.  When you turn the lap top on it greets you with a cute little melody. The puppy in the top right corner lights up whenever any buttons are pressed. There are 6 emoji’s underneath the green hoop. The green hoop is perfect for little fingers.  The blue hashtag button asks your child how they are feeling to day and they can slide  the green hoop over the emoji  Its always funny to me to see the emoji my son lands on . The orange music note button makes the puppy screen light up. The 123 button is the number key and counts 1-10. Press the ABC button and the puppy sings the abc song. The gray page introduces your baby to shapes and there’s also a colorful spinning roller. There’s also 40 songs that this little laptop plays. I have yet to get through all of them.

7.My sister gave my son this quirky little toy when he was 6 months old and he still loves it at 16 months. It has two big bright eyes that smile at you. my son teethed and sucked on the eyeballs so much the black dots no longer exist. The  soft yellow hair is sturdy and made for hours of gumming and will not separate from the hat after a teething session. The black hat when turned makes a cranking sound almost as if there’s a key in the back of it and its being wound up. The red and green middle sounds like a rattle/ rainstick. Whenever my son gets upset one shake of this toy and he becomes cool and collect. This toy is easy to pick up and hold and brightly colored.

8. My son didn’t have any car toys so I was happy my mom got this one for him, I had been looking all over. Simple cute first car toy for your son to zoom zoom around with

9. This Is The Perfect toy for a busy toddler boy With Alot Of Energy. Whenever A Ball Is Thrown Into The Hoop, It Counts From 1-10 . It Teaches Your Child About Counting  Discovering Animals And Helps Your Child Learn Numbers. It speaks encouraging phrases to keep your baby going. When  Having Play Time They Can Drop Balls Into The Hoop And Crawl Around The Ball Pit Which Helps Develop Their Motor Skills, You Cant Help But Get Down On The Floor And Play With Them While They Are Playing W This Toy!

10. ahhhh yes Another teething toy! i thought i’d buy yet another item that mimics something of mine my son should not be chewing on. KEYS!! I know i’m not the only mama that goes through this, with her baby wanting to chew on her keys. it’s a Multi-colored key chain with 3 keys and a yellow ball with blue holes. Lots of teething fun!.I love the squishiness of these keys its soft enough for them to chew on but also sturdy enough to stop those gums from hurting them. There’s also a WHAT? You got it!!.. another rattle!! I’m noticing a pattern with me here! 

11. This Giant see through crayon Crayola Comes With 80 Building Blocks That Your Baby Can Take Apart. they can Put them Together As Many Times As They Want and Create Different Shapes. My Little Guy Loves To Push The Crayon Over And Watch The Blocks Come Tumbling Out Of It! He Gets A Kick Out Of It Every Time. This toy will get years of use, I don’t see my son growing out of this toy for a while.